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At FOCUHUNTER Optics, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, precision-engineered optics and accessories for shooting and hunting enthusiasts worldwide.
About Us

Gear Up,Aim Ture

Founded by Daniel D. in 2010, MZJ Optics, owning its own brand “Focuhunter”, is a leading manufacturer of Optic scopes, red dot sights, mounts & risers, which has a good reputation in the outdoor and tactical industries thanks to its superior quality products, including tactical gear, and hunting gear, along with excellent service standards.

The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, with its R&D center and factory in Sichuan, providing strong support for OEM and ODM projects in the scopes and optics realm.

We aim to provide a fast and efficient service through effective feedback and will strive to deal with all the demands related to rifle scopes and accessories promptly and professionally.

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FOCUHUNTER optics is a trading company specializing in outdoor sports products. Its main products are optical sights, red dots, hunting accessories, binoculars, sports glasses, etc.

Why Choose Us

4 Major Advantages

Comprehensive Technical Support

Technical support for the entire process from the product design stage to after-sales use, including but not limited to optical system design improvements, functional upgrades, and problem solving services.

Customized Business Solutions

We can help plan and optimize production processes, supply chain management, and customer service strategies specifically for your brand positioning and product line needs. For example, we can provide advice on raw material procurement, production process improvement, quality control system construction, etc., as well as how to design and market personalized products according to customer needs.

Flexible Production Capacity

The quality and efficiency of standard products in mass production are guaranteed, and the rapid delivery of small batches or special specification products is also supported.

Cost Optimization and Supply Chain Management

Years of industry accumulation and optimization have enabled us to establish a mature system in raw material procurement, production process and logistics management, which can effectively control costs and ensure a stable supply chain, which is very attractive to brand owners seeking long-term and stable cooperation.

Our Team

Our Team



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