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ODM Optics

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01 Parameter Evaluation

After clients provide detailed functional and parameter requirements, FOCUHUNTER internally assesses the feasibility of these parameters.

02 Optical First Article Sample

Once customers evaluate and confirm the optical performance, FOCUHUNTER proceeds with the initial prototype fabrication.

03 UI Design

Based on the provided drawings and parameters, UI design is conducted, including optical design, Turret Style. Reticle Design.

04 EVT

Following confirmation of product drawings, a functional prototype sample is created in conjunction with the optical system.

05 DVT

FOCUHUNTER initiates internal testing, including shock resistance, high and low temperature tests, salt spray tests, waterproofing tests, among others.

06 PP

Upon completion of the above stages, FOCUHUNTER will conduct a trial production before official manufacturing. Mass production can proceed after the trial production is successfully passed.

07 Mass Production

During mass production, rigorous adherence to manufacturing processes is maintained to ensure quality and on-time delivery.


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FOCUHUNTER optics is a leading manufacturer of scopes and red dot scopes, which has a good reputation in the outdoor and tactical industries thanks to its superior quality products and excellent service standards.

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