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Red Dot Sights Buying Guide 2024: What You Need to Know

Red dot sights are in high demand among shooters due to their many advantages. They basically shoot a red dot or other color aiming point as a small colored dot on a clear lens. This lets you find and line up targets faster and easier. With an array of product types and features to consider, selecting the right red dot can seem daunting. This guide provides an overview of common red dot types and properties to examine. Details on popular models to help you make a choice. Whether new to red dots or upgrading equipment, you will gain helpful knowledge to facilitate your next purchase decision.

Red Dot Sights

What Are Red Dot Sights?

Red dot sights are optical sights. They emit a red dot onto a lens, providing an aiming point for the shooter. A self-illuminating red dot is generated by an LED diode and reflects off an interior lens system. This creates the floating red dot sight picture that appears aimed ahead of the firearm. Shooters look through the optic and see the red dot, allowing them to precisely align shots fast and intuitively.

The Advantages of Red Dot Sights

When compared to traditional iron sights, key advantages of red dot sights include:

  • Improved target acquisition and faster follow-up shots through a continuously visible aiming point.
  • Ability to use both eyes open enhances situational awareness by keeping the non-dominant eye visible to peripheral threats.
  • Quicker and more accurate shooting than traditional iron sights, especially at longer ranges.
  • Perfect for close to mid-range encounters because of their wide field of view and clear reticle.

Types of Red Dot Sights

There are different categories and styles to suit a variety of firearm platforms, like pistols and rifles.

1. For Pistols

Red dot sights for pistols prioritize compactness and lightweight design to minimize added bulk, especially for concealed carry. They often feature minimal or no parallax, allowing for consistent points of impact at close ranges. Battery life is critical, as frequent battery changes are impractical. Mounting options must be reliable and compatible with various pistol models without interfering with controls. The illumination should be adjustable for visibility across different lighting conditions.

2. For Rifles

Rifle red dot sights typically offer windage, elevation, and parallax adjustments for precision at varying distances. Secure mounting systems must handle rifle recoil and fit standard rails. Long battery life and external power sources are preferred. Reticle options vary from simple dots to complex patterns. Weather resistance is crucial. Controls for brightness, power, and adjustments should be intuitive. Optics must provide a clear, sharp field of view with minimal distortion.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Red Dot Sights

Choosing the right red dot sight means evaluating key technical specifications and features matched to your individual needs. Important attributes to compare include:

1. Size

Red dot sight diameters can range dramatically. Consider the weapon’s dimensions and eye relief to ensure a sight is proportional yet functional. 

2. Reticle Size

Dot MOA sizes affect target acquisition speed and precision. For targets within 100 yards, the dot size should range between 3 and 5 MOA.

3. Brightness Settings and Adjustments

More illumination settings provide greater flexibility in lighting conditions. Look for simple buttons or dials to adjust brightness.

4. Open or Close Design

Red dots project light from an LED or laser using either open or closed emitter designs. Open emitter designs expose the LED or laser to the environment, while closed emitter designs enclose the light source in a metal casing.

5. Battery Life and Type

Modern red dot sights have minimal battery drain, often exceeding 10,000 hours and sometimes lasting up to 50,000 hours.

6. Mounting Options and Compatibility with Different Firearms

Check that the red dot sight is compatible with your firearm and has mounting options that work with your specific model. Some sights may require additional accessories or adapters to mount properly.

Get the Best Red Dot Sight from FOCUHUNTER

FOCUHUNTER is a leading optics brand known for high-quality red dot sights and riflescopes. Our research and development facilities allow us to incorporate the latest technologies into our sights. Some of our best red dot sight products include:

1. RDP-0009

The RDP-0009 red dot sight offers unparalleled precision and versatility with its 3 MOA dot size, perfect for accurate targeting. It’s designed with a factory parallax setting of 33 yards and allows for ±2 MOA adjustments, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in various shooting conditions. Each click fine-tunes the sight by 1 MOA, giving you absolute control over your aim.

With an impressive elevation and wind deflection adjustment range of 90MOA, you can easily compensate for distance and environmental factors, making this sight ideal for both target shooting and hunting scenarios. The RDP-0009 boasts a battery life of 50000 hours, so you can focus on your shooting without worrying about battery replacements. Its rugged construction withstands up to 1500G forces, making it extremely durable and reliable under harsh conditions.

RDP-0009 red dot sight

2. RDP-0011

Similar to the RDP-0009 but designed for compact platforms, this 26mm dot is perfect for pistols. The illumination turns off after 225 seconds of inactivity and resumes instantly when movement is detected. The fully multi-coated lenses, with 15 layers each, include anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments, ensuring exceptional performance in bright daylight. Its IPX-7 waterproof rating, compact size, and lightweight build make it ideal for concealed setups.

RDP-0011 red dot sight

3. RDP-0012

This adjustable red dot sight features a 3 MOA dot with 10 brightness levels for various lighting conditions. The enclosed design protects the optics. Shake F’ Wake technology turns off illumination after 225 seconds of inactivity and reactivates it with movement, conserving battery life. The fully multi-coated lens is anti-fog, anti-scratch, and waterproof, providing clear visibility in bright daylight. Made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum, this red dot sight is robust and long-lasting, with an expanded battery compartment for extended life.

RDP-0012 red dot sight

4. RSP-109

As a 1-6×24 scope optimized for AR and precision bolt guns, the first focal plane reticle and tough construction of the RSP-109 solve problems at both close and extended ranges. Its versatile illumination is another advantage. The 12 illumination settings facilitate accurate shooting in basically any lighting condition. It has a 1-6x variable magnification. As a long-range shooting scope, the Focuhunter Falcon Range 1-6×24 FFP offers increased accuracy, making it the best LPVO scope for AR15.



Overall, red dot sights provide many advantages over iron sights for competition, tactical, and hunting applications. Key factors to consider when choosing them include intended use, optic size, reticle size, features, and quality construction. Brands like FOCUHUNTER deliver reliable and feature-rich sighting solutions to enhance shooting performance. We specialize in offering red dot sight products that boast high durability, enhanced precision, versatility, and advanced features. Visit our website to browse our red dot sights and riflescopes.


Red Dot Sights Buying Guide 2024: What You Need to Know

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