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FOCUHUNTER Optics 30mm Cantilever Rifle Scope Mount


30mm Offset Scope Mount weighs only 5 oz. At a weight comparable to a set of lightweight rings, it provides the added rigidity & convenience of a one-piece mount. Features 4 square-integral recoil stops, which allows us to reduce weight while increasing strength. 30mm Slim Profile Offset Scope Mount is built for fits all scopes with 30mm main tube. One-piece body design for strength and better alignment of scope. The mount is 5.5″ in total length, the base is 3″ in total length. There is 2.36″ of spacing between rings. Offset design provides an additional 2″ of forward extension, allowing extra flexibility for optimum eye-relief & shooting position. The height between the bottom of the base to the center of the scope rings is 1.63″, providing 1.63″ of vertical clearance.

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